About Wheel Sport

Wheel Sport

The Wheel Sport is a Bicycle Designing Company, which originated in 2003 out of founder Michael Lin’s wish to Provide quality racing bike to someone knowledgeable about the sport.

Most of customers found the quality of service in most of bicycle companies were not so easy - usually on a commission basis - were anxious to sell the most expensive rather than the most appropriate bike to customers. Michael decided to fill this niche in the marketplace by opening a Bicycle Designing Company in Taiwan, hence the name, "Wheel Sport." The concept will be challengeable especially in the market that is sophisticated at the moment.

Our Service

Service is an essential commitment of the company philosophy and is what keeps it competitive. All staffs are considered Team Members and all are cyclist. Who else but a cyclist is knowledgeable about the needs of cyclist, as well as the products that cater to those needs? The Wheel Sport philosophy is that if you're out there cycling on the same roads as the customers, you can relate to their exact needs. The Wheel Sport is truly a company for cyclists by cyclists.